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Change Your Money Messages, Transform Your Life

Change Your Money Messages, Transform Your Life

Change Your Money Messages, Transform Your LifeChange Your Money Messages, Transform Your LifeChange Your Money Messages, Transform Your Life

 It's time to transform your Money Messages to live your financial dreams.



Money Messages:

 Did you grow up hearing Money Messages that no longer serve you? Money Messages such as "Wealthy people are selfish," or "There's just never enough money to make ends meet." What if you could transform those statements into positive messages such as "Wealth helps me help others," and "The universe is abundant, and I have the power to make money flow to me." Better yet, what if you envisioned a new journey, a new story, and that path became your reality?

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 "I found myself writing down quotes every few pages.... Money Messages is a great, readable book about developing positive life  habits, which are both influenced and made possible by one's financial  habits." - Lisa Lickel, Chicago Writer's Association, Windy City Reviews

"Jody,  by using both her personal examples and those of other people, helps  you understand why you have the attitudes you do and how you should  address those. Also, and somewhat unusual for a financial book, there's a section on dating." - Chris Gerrib, Space Opera/Science Fiction Author and Rotarian

"A great book about finances for right-brained thinkers! I've honestly never picked up a book about finances 'for fun' before.  As more of a right-brained thinker, I would struggle to get through most  texts regarding finances. However, Jody Robinson's writing style made  me feel more like I was having a conversation with a friend than reading  a text about financial planning. I loved the quotes interwoven  throughout the book! The self-reflections helped me consider the stories  I've been telling myself about money, and her insights left me feeling  empowered to step up and rewrite my own personal money messages. I think  this would be a great book for an individual or a book club looking to  experience personal growth and engage in dialogue about how our money  messages affect our past, present, and future." - Anonymous Amazon Customer

Get Out of the Red and Into the Green

How can you find emotional and financial freedom to transform your life?  Take some time to read stories, interviews, and practical advice on living your most authentic life with money.

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"Not Your Ordinary Personal Finance Book - This book was eye opening in terms of how I personally handle my own  money and the messages I've received from how money has been talked  about and dealt with in my surroundings. If you love psychology,  personal finance, or even self-improvement books, I highly recommend  adding it to your reading list." - Kevin, Amazon Customer 

About Jody Robinson

 Jody Robinson is an Accredited Wealth Management Advisor with over a decade of experience.   Jody's background covers the full scope of  financial planning.  For fun, Jody enjoys cooking,  gardening, swimming, and listening to audio books. You can also find her  out walking her dog or singing like a crazy woman while driving.